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Inform. Inspire. Influence.

Leading with Values

  • Become the Leader People Choose to Follow

  • Change Team Culture

  • Inspire Loyalty

Improvisational Leadership

  • Act and React with Little Time to Think

  • Learn to Visualize 

  • Match Intent to Outcomes

Become a Better Speaker

  • Create Killer Content

  • Speak with Authenticity

  • Don't Look or Sound like an Idiot

42Walls believes leaders only speak for three reasons...

If you stand up in front of an audience, you are there to inform, inspire or influence others. Leaders must be able to speak, and if you speak, you must be willing to lead. 42Walls provides speakers, trainers, and coaches to help you and your teams become leaders who people CHOOSE to listen to. Keep scrolling to see how we help you to inform, inspire and influence others. 

Why People Like Us

You have a voice in your head, when that voice comes out of your mouth, you're speaking in public! We help our customers deliver their messages to group of 1 or 1000. It's all about content and style.

Learn to lead with intention...

Leadership is the ability to inform, inspire and influence others. Our trainings take this angle and help you create a framework for your unique leadership style.

Book a 42Walls Premier Speaker...

If you are looking to take your event from "just ok" to "Wow", then take a look at the speakers that we are proud to represent. All speakers have 42Walls' stamp of extreme approval. 


Some of the People who like us...

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