Firstly, you value honest relationships with the people you work with. That is our number one value. You are here to learn, you are open to feedback, open to trying something new, open to breaking down the walls that have been built up in your mind. Likewise, you are able to be honest with us. Tell us your stories, tell us where you want to improve and where you are finding challenges. Honesty works two ways and for us it's a non-negotiable!


Secondly, you have a goal and we help provide the path to that goal. Intention is incredibly important to us and we won't start a project without it. Once we find out where you want to be, we are able to cater our content and services to provide the personal touch that makes the difference to our customers. If you don't know exactly what you want, that's ok. Let's start with a conversation; we are professionals in asking the right questions and listening to your needs.


Lastly, you are someone who appreciates people who look out for you and value you. Like us, you understand that trust and respect is earned, and once you find those people in your life, you keep them close. We know that you have options of where you go to learn. We do not take it for granted when you choose 42Walls. We are incredibly appreciative of the people who trust us to help them on their constant journey to improvement.