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You  Got This

Have you ever walked away from a conversation thinking, “I could have said that better, I should have handled that differently”?


Even in written responses, having the right answers is difficult. You need to consider personalities, cultures, history, outcomes, etc. But what happens when you do not have the opportunity to think something through? What happens when you need to act, and more importantly react, to situations with little or no time to think?


In this session you’ll learn the skills it takes to be a great improvisational leader and communicator.

What You'll Learn


The ability to look forward and imagine possible scenarios is key to being prepared for them. The trick to thinking and acting quickly is to prepare yourself to think and act quickly. 


Apply Your Values

Great communicators know what they stand for before they are tested. Find out what you stand for and how to use that to speak with intention.


Communicating in Crisis Mode

Every positive trait taken to an extreme becomes a detriment. If you can recognize those traits in yourself, you’ll see how you can speak with authenticity even in times of extreme stress.


Find your Filters

All professions that need to react quickly have a set of filters they run their thoughts through. Once you know yours, you will know what to say and how to act.

Walk away with hard skills and tactics to lead teams with absolute certainty. Become a great improvisational speaker so when it’s showtime, you are prepared!