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Personal Coaching

The best part about individual coaching is the ability to cater to an individual's needs. Every leader has their own personal strengths and weaknesses. This program will evaluate where you are at as a leader, determine where you want to be, and help craft a program catered to your needs to get you there.


In-person workshops

If you are looking to get your teams on the same page, then it is best that they all hear the same message, from the same person, at the same time. 42Walls will work with your teams in a one-day workshop taking both a theoretical and practical view point of how to lead with intention.

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Program Design

In an organization, it's important that teams work with the same leadership framework while, at the same time, each leader improves their individual skills and style that makes them unique. 42Walls will help develop your team's model of leadership where professional growth is intentional and up-and-coming leaders have a path to follow. At the end of the day, this program will help the participants to think, act and speak like leaders within your organization's culture.

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