Patrick Brady

Patrick Brady is the founder of 42Walls, a learning company that coaches and promotes speakers, facilitators and coaches. He is American by birth, Belgian by marriage and Global by choice. He lives just outside of Brussels with his wife and three daughters, Alex, Emmeline and Joey.

Patrick has been coaching public speaking and leadership since 1999 when he toured with the international musical group, Up with People. After three years on the road performing on stage, Patrick found exceptional similarities between what it takes to put on a world-class musical and captivating an audience as a speaker. It is this experience that Patrick translates into his business and coaching.

From 2005 until 2016, Patrick worked with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, EO, a global non-profit association that engages leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow though a peer-to-peer network, connections to experts and providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences. At EO, Patrick worked with a high-profile network of more than 12,000 successful entrepreneurs in the areas of leadership and learning. In engaging with this influential community of entrepreneurs, he also gained experience working with an incredible circle of speakers like Professor Muhammad Yunus, Reid Hoffman, Warren Rustand and Rich Mulholland.

In 2017, Patrick launched his company, 42Walls. His uniquely equipped community of speakers, facilitators and coaches all have a significant amount of experiences that they would like to impart on the world. In addition to promoting these talented individuals, he also has learned a great deal in how to prepare for specific audiences, cater content and deliver impactful messages. He now spends his energy helping others do the same.

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