Premier Speakers

With a proven pool of speakers, facilitators and coaches, 42Walls collects and distributes kick-ass experience! We can uniquely cater learning programs that will take your event, company or yourself from “meh” to “woh!” Take a look at our people and programs and contact us to help you find the resources you need.


Richard is an entrepreneur, author, sought-after speaker and a pretty kick-ass guy. Let this ex-metal band roadie turned business leader extraordinaire liven up your event with incredible take-home value and charisma. 


As the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba is one of the world's most impressive leaders and emerging power-house speakers. Her Goalcast video got more than 115 million views in the first three months. Looking for a sure-fire standing ovation, look no further.  


After spending three years on the road with an international musical, Patrick found incredible similarities to what it takes to put on a world-class musical, and what it takes to deliver high-impact messages and how to improve your improvisational leadership.

Speakers can completely change the way you and your business inform, inspire and influence others. Contact 42Walls if you want to know more! 

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