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Here  We Go Again...

How many presentations have you walked away from thinking you were no better off than when you walked in? Worse off, have you ever seen someone’s eyes begin to glaze over in your audience? Well you’re not alone.

The only reasons to speak in front of an audience are to inform, influence or inspire them. If at the end of any presentation you haven’t achieved at least one of those, you have failed.

42Walls’ Presentation Demolition training takes a theoretical and practical approach, from content to public speaking. You’ll walk away a better presenter no matter your audience.

What We'll Do

42Walls follows a three-step method to creating your best presentation.


Everyone has a preconceived notion of what a presentation should be. First we break down what you’ve learned until all that is left is your core message.


Now that your message is solid, you can start to build out your content. We’ll give you the tools to create your talk on the spot. 


Lastly, we tie everything together with the final touches that you can put on your presentation to really get your points across. From your ppt to your delivery, you’ll get all the tips to present with confidence.

What do bad presentations mean to you? Lost motivation? Lost internal message? Less clients? Less investors? Less votes? Book a Presentation Demolition training and get your messages across, motivate your team, close that deal!