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Public Speaking

42Walls helps you find your most powerful messages and your authentic voice.

The premise of public speaking is easy... You have a voice in your head, when that voice comes out of your mouth, you're speaking in public! Through this lense, 42Walls' training sessions are designed to get you feeling confident in your speaking, developing meaningful content and learning how to speak "off the cuff".

Individual coaching

Here are some of the skills 42Walls coaches will help you develop:

  • Connecting with the Audience

  • Body Language

  • Creating an Impact

  • Concept Development

  • Content Writing

  • Improvisational Speaking

  • Preparing with Intent

Each individual's needs will vary. This coaching is for people who need to get a message across whether they are doing formal presentations, elevator pitches, TED talks, or just trying to convince a group of friends to see things with new perspective. Remember, public speaking is when the voice in your head comes out of your mouth. 42Walls coaching makes sure that you can speak with intent. If you are going to say something, make sure its with a purpose. 

Speaking Workshops

While individual coaching is great to hone someone's skills, workshops are a fantastic way to ensure your team is all hearing the same message, and working towards the same vision. 42Walls workshops go from four to eight hours and cover both theoretical knowledge of speaking and practical skills to get the job done. Our most popular workshops are:​

  • Deliver with Confidence

  • Pitching Ideas: The Power of Persuasive Speaking

  • Speaking from Values

  • Improvisational Speaking

  • Speaking to Lead

Agendas for workshops are designed by 42Walls after listening to each client and catering to their specific needs. If we are going to put in the time to work with your teams, we need to first discuss how you will be applying the lessons from the workshop. All agendas include the theory behind concept, group work, and getting your teams up to speak. Workshops can be arranged for teams up to 80 people.

Client Testimonials

Don’t Take My Word for It

"Working with 42Walls has been an eye opening experience. PJ has given me great guidelines and gets to the point in no time. I kind of wonder where he has been all of these years. PJ is bringing me closer to engaging an audience from on the first second.  There’s a bonus too, working with PJ will surely get you a smile on your face."

Isabelle Dumortier

Founder & CEO of The Tutu Shop

"I’m happy to recommend PJ Brady as speaker coach. His honest and concrete feedback improved my Ted-talk in a very brief time. His feedback brought ‘relievo’ in my presentation, integrating an emotional dip and a more powerful climax at the end. And with humour and attention he can relax a speaker who’s about to set the stage."

Jochanan Eynikel

Author & TEDx Speaker

"As someone who does a lot of speaking, I enjoy working with experts who can really push me to improve like PJ. He never lets a speaker ‘rest on their laurels’ and has an amazing way of delivering criticism in a disarming way. Not only did he help me hone my message for a specific audience, but he made small tweaks to my delivery that had a big impact.”

Jennifer Janson

Chairman at Six Degrees Limited

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