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You  Got This

We know you. We’ve been you. You are expected to stand up in front of a group and say something; give a presentation, an introduction, a sales pitch, a report, even simply to answer a question.

We know this can be stressful because speaking takes a level of vulnerability. It’s stressful because standing up, saying something has consequences. But guess what, staying silent has consequences too. It is your choice which consequence you want to live with. It is your choice which intention you want to guide you.

This session in an introduction workshop to public speaking. You’ll learn skills around preparing yourself to stand up, preparing yourself to speak; including content, body language, tone of voice, etc.

What You'll Learn


Approximately 70% of people suffer from glossophobia, or speech anxiety, on some level.  You’ll get practical tips on how to work through that anxiety.


Body Language

What are you saying when you aren’t saying a word? Your body speaks volumes. Learn how to use your body to send the messages you want to send.  


Control Your Voice

Do you speak too fast? Do people have to lean forward to hear you? Is your monotone putting your audience to sleep? Learn to control your voice to truly be heard.



Are you the “plan it” or “wing it” type? Either way works, but the answer will determine how you prepare yourself. Yes even the “wing it” people need to be ready to improv.

This workshop is for people who understand that they need to walk before they can run. If you want to learn, or improve in, the basics of standing up to speak, this is the workshop for you!