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Does your company have core values? Many organizations do. Now consider, can all of your colleagues name your values? Do they make decisions based on those values?


Are your teams hired, trained, promoted and fired based on those values?


Values are not a marketing ploy.  Your values should be the blueprints for your entire company, the way that it operates.

If you have a team where it feels like key leaders need to work better together, where it seems people are working from different plans, where decision-making needs to become more productive, then you might need to get back to your values blueprint!

What We'll Do

  • Reevaluate and/or create your values

  • Combat the five most common mistakes people make with their values

  • Identify the differences between values, principles and tasks

  • Help prepare your teams to follow the blueprint

  • Discuss how to make the tough decisions while aligning with your team/board


The primary reason to do a Values Blueprint session is to get your team and/or company working on the same page. If your people are the primary reason for your success or failure, then this is the workshop you need